A Place For Kids Early Childhood Academy has long established relationship with the community we serve. First opened its door to the Greater Seattle area, North King County, South Snohomish County, city of Shoreline families in the 90's. With a low staff turn over rate, our majority of children are made up of existing parents referring new parents-to-be, and returning parents. We are a big family comprised of 80 family members located in the beautiful North City neighborhood. Our utmost goal is to provide a safe and nurturing learning environment for the young ones where they can grow, develop and reach their potential to the fullest extent from very beginning.

Late 2012 A Place For Kids Early Childhood is opening its Everett Center to serve families in the Snohomish County. Evertt is known for its aerospace program. We are working hard to bring the best reputation, and experience we gained to this wonderful city.

Barbara Sun joined A Place for Kids Early Childhood Academy in 2006 as executive director. She has a master degree in Education from University of Washington, Bothell. Her experience includes working with children age 3 to 15 years old in mathematics, she taught mental calculations, abacus math, algebra, and pre-Calc. After giving birth to her own children, she dedicated herself in early childhood education. She has worked as toddler and pre-K classroom teacher, program specialist, and center director in various locations. When she came to A Place for Kids Early Childhood Academy in 2006, she undertook the task to revamp the center to provide a better service and an enriching, caring environment for young children. Center license capacity grown from 41 to 80 in the year of 2010. With her expertise in classroom environmental design, children come to class in a more dynamic, ever-changing, fun and inviting atmosphere.

All of our staff are trained in CPR, first aid, blood borne pathogen. Every staff meets the requirement by Department of Early Learning and attend at least 10 STARS credit hours in professional development annually. Continuously learning ways to inspire the mind of young children. It is a great reward in seeing the child in our care grow from crawling, wobbling, talking in jiberish, working on big and small motor skills, learn how to paint, count 1 - 10, name ABC; the process of growing through stages brought happiness and great memories to all staff working in the center.

Shoreline Center Director Ramona Allan has been with the company since its inception. She has more than 25 years of experience working with young children. Her dedication to safeguard the safey of children in our care is second to none. She is amicable, and well known in the Shoreline community. Many parents come to the center because they know they are placing their loved ones in the best care with us. Ramona has more than 45 ECE college credits, and she has been taking numerous administrative, curriculum planning, environmental design classes. She had experience as a childcare center owner, she knows all the ins-and-outs of running a best program that aligns with the Kindergarten program in public school system.

We provide a variety of interesting learning and recreational experiences for children as well as a safe and caring, supportive environment. We want parents to feel good about care their children receive and the experience they have here. The program includes fun and interesting activities in

art, crafts, music, language skills, number concepts, science, large muscle development, house keeping, cultural awareness, fine muscle and hand/eye coordination, problem solving, safety,

health, self concept, cooperative play and creative dramatics.